Why content creation is important

Running a business is time-consuming, so content creation is not usually at the top of everyone’s minds. But why is it so important?

As a Web Design & Digital Marketing Agency in Wakefield, we create a lot of content! We create content for websites, social media, YouTube channels, blogs & more! In this blog, we will be focusing on the importance of creating your own, meaningful content.

What is content creation?

Content creation is identifying a topic you want (or need) to write about, deciding which form you want the content to take and then actually producing it.

Content can take place in many forms – blogs posts, video, eBooks, Tweets, infographics, advertisements, just to name a few.

Why is content creation important?

Content creation is important because, in order to stay at the forefront of your customers and target customers minds, you need to be visible to them. However, it’s no use been visible to your customers if you are not providing them with value. If you are bombarding your follower’s social media feeds with salesy and promotional content, then they are most likely going to become irritated with you. This will lead to them associating you with spam or annoyance, and they’re most likely going to unfollow you too, which will then decrease your audience.

On the flip side, if users are seeing content from your business which teaches them something they didn’t know or makes them laugh, then you are bringing them value and they will enjoy viewing your content. Psychologically this means you will be somewhere in the viewer’s mind, for the best reasons too! This means when your audience is searching for your product or services, they will think of you first.

Research has shown that creating interesting and unique content can have a truly positive impact on a business and makes customers 133% more likely to buy from a business.

Why is creating your own content so important?

We see so many businesses repurposing other people’s/businesses content and populating their social pages with only this. Whilst there is nothing wrong with repurposing third-party content (in fact it can be beneficial if done correctly) you shouldn’t solely publish content from others as this doesn’t set any sort of brand image for yourself. Furthermore, it makes you look untrustworthy as it comes across as if you are not legitimate or knowledgeable enough to create content of your own.

With 2.77 BILLION active social media users, you don’t want your account to just be one out of many. You want to stand out and portray your brand for who you are and your values.

Top Tip

Build a brand NOT a following.

If you are like most business owners, then you probably don’t have time to be creating content for multimedia platforms.

We are a team of experienced modern content creators and know exactly how to draw in any target audience.

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