How To Use Instagram For B2B


Instagram has of late hit 1 billion month to month active users and is still seeing continuous growth. Although this popular mobile social media community has come to be related with occasion snaps, celebrity bloggers, and photographs of aesthetically pleasing food shots, the platforms visual nature and high user engagement rate makes it a valuable marketing tool for more than just B2C organisations.

Instagram isn’t generally the first platform to spring to mind for most B2B marketers, yet effective utilization of the platform supplies B2B brands with the opportunity to humanize their image, which configures relationships with followers which you could not achieve using other platforms.

Keep reading to discover some of our favorite Instagram B2B tips:


No one wants to see stock image after stock image with tedious captions. In order to make the most from Instagram you should be embracing its visual aspects and sharing content which is authentic and personal to your business. This will provide other organisations with an insight into your business on a humanized level.

It‘s important to remember that there is a human at the end of every post you publish, and that humans buy from humans – it‘s as simple as that! Successful branded accounts are aware of this, utilizing content that appeals to emotions, and avoiding an overly professional tone.


If you have built your brand on simplicity, let your content reflect this by using a more minimalist approach with imagery and descriptions. If your brand is unusual and unique, let your personality flow in your posts. It can be easy to impulsively share content, but this is overpowering for your page. Create a consistent image by only posting content which aligns with your brand and image.

An Instagram page we admire for this is MailChimp‘s. With an impressive 80k+ followers, their off-the-wall style of content makes them stand out among-st their competitors. They have successfully taken their company values and culture and turned this into abstract art, which makes them interesting to follow.


It’s likely that you’ve been gathering testimonials from your satisfied clients, and using them as case studies on your website to showcase showcase your successes. Sharing these success stories on Instagram also works really nicely, especially when they’re combined with strong visual imagery.

Don’t just use standard images as Instagram content, Infographics, videos and 3D rendered imagery also make for great content.


As well as being an effective tool to help with your brand perception, Instagram can also build B2B relationships and generating leads. Although it may not be an instantaneous generation of leads, effective visual storytelling through sharing appealing content will ultimately facilitate leads through awareness. To best generate awareness, It’s always good practice to be continually monitoring your prospects interests, sharing content that will appeal to them, and utilising popular hashtags.

After building a strong following you can utilise Instagram’s direct message feature to reach out to prospects in a more direct way. The successes of receiving a response is often much higher than LinkedIn messages, or even emails or phone calls. This more unique method of reaching out to prospects can more likely have your message received by a more senior member of staff.

Instagram can be a powerful tool for B2B marketers if you want to achieve brand awareness, public perception and relationship building for both new and existing customers. Remember to always be checking what content works, and adapt accordingly.

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