How we’re generating high volumes of leads for local trades men.


In a world obsessed with likes and comments, we focus on what really matters – revenue!

We’ve tried, tested and validated a marketing formula for B2C tradesmen and home improvement businesses, which gets them messages from consumers who genuinely need their service – straight to their Facebook page!

But how do we do it?

Organic is great BUT…

Yes, organic reach still exists and it’s a great way to keep your community engaged in what you’re working on. However, getting likes on a service related Facebook page is difficult. You can invite your Facebook friends to like the page and build it up from there, but it will only ever be these same people seeing your posts.

And if they already follow you, they already know you exist! Your organic posts will keep you at the forefront of their mind for when they come to need your service but in order to grow your business through Facebook you need to reach beyond your existing circle.

How do you reach out to new people, you ask? Facebook Advertising is the answer.

“But wait, I don’t want to pay for Facebook Ads when I can post on Facebook for free!?”

Your friends and family might support your business on Facebook, but the chances are they’re not your ideal customer. Therefore no matter how many times they like and comment on your posts , you’re still no closer to getting new jobs booked in.

Facebook’s advertising platform allows you to define and reach your target audience by metrics such as demographics, job title, location and interests. The better you are at targeting your ideal customer, the better results you will get.

Below you can read our exact process followed by some results we’ve recently achieved for our Trades & Home Improvement clients.

Take a look at our process and results ??

Beanie Media Founder Dan Atkinson looking at a whiteboard next to mentor Jeff Matthews

1. Strategy Build-Out

Successful marketing depends on much more than just great ads. We conduct detailed service offering and customer analysis, in order to get into the mind of your customers.

Then we assess the full end-to-end customer journey to ensure there are no weak links. When the necessary research has been conducted we’ll work with our client to produce a detailed strategy proposal, for approval.

2. Implementation Phase

Once we’ve built out a full strategy, we’ll create or gather all required content assets and construct the first batch of digital advertisements.

Once approved by the client, we implement the ads and keep a close eye on all available data. We call this the ‘incubation period’, as the early stages of a new strategy are the most crucial to future growth. This usually consists of a large amount of testing.

Beanie Media Founder, Dan Atkinson looking at a MacBook while designing
Laptop with Google Analytics on

3. Conversion Optimisation

After the incubation period, we’ll have access to tons of data that we can analyze. This data gives us key insights into which audiences have best responded to the adverts we’ve been testing.

Then, we optimise best performing existing ads and reallocate budget accordingly. This is when we begin scaling your ad spend until we reach peak ROI.

Our Results ?

Fencing Client

We run messenger ads for a client who supplies and fits fences in Barnsley. We spent £1,812.36 and got 478 messages to our clients page. On average, each customer our client acquires spends at least £500.

If our client converts just 10% of the 478 messages their ROI would be £23,900. Luckily for them – they convert a lot more than 10%!

Beanie Media social media advertising example of results
Beanie Media Facebook advertising results example

Flooring Client

We run messenger ads for a flooring contractor in Huddersfield. We spent £261.78 and got 123 messages to our clients page. Thats just £2.13 per lead! 

In Summary:

  • Stop posting meaningless stuff on Facebook
  • Map out how your customers will get from your ad to contacting you. Think what will make the CUSTOMER click
  • Start out with £100 ad spend and test different audiences
  • Tweak, scale, repeat


Or let us get results for you. Starting from just £499