How your email could be harming your business

Surely your email can’t be harming your business…can it?

Most business owners will agree that communicating via email is easier than any other medium due to its flexibility and efficiency in comparison to phone calls and personal interactions.

Email’s play a big part in assisting businesses to market their brands and build strong connections with customers, suppliers and partners. So how on earth could your email be ruining your brand’s reputation?

The Answer: Having an email address which isn’t connected to your company name.

Why is a generic email address unacceptable for business?

Platforms such as Yahoo, Gmail and Hotmail are all great if you wish to acquire a personal email address for free. However, using a generic email address for your business such as could be damaging your credibility as a brand.

There are a few reasons why Gmail is bad for your business, but the main one is professionalism.

If you want to come across as a professional, trustworthy business, then you need to be using an email address which states (or This is because when you send an email to someone for the first time, you are creating a first impression.

If you send a ‘business’ email from a Gmail account, the receiver is either going to be thinking: “Why are they using a free Gmail account? Does this business take themselves seriously?” OR “How can I trust this business? They haven’t even bothered to set up their own email account?”

These doubts and impressions are certainly not what you want to communicate to your stakeholders. Instead, you want to project an aura of professionalism.

Online first impressions matter too

From the way you dress to the dialect, you chose to use in front of clients. As a business owner, you consciously make an effort emit professionalism and credibility as you know this is a quality your potential clients will look for.

You should invest the same efforts in your digital marketing. Your email is part of your digital marketing. The quality of your digital marketing determines your online image as a business. An email address that clearly shows who you are and what company you represent instantly makes you appear credible and professional to the recipient.

The bottom line is that you need to be using a professional email address. No matter what sector you operate in or the size of your business. The good news is, this doesn’t have to be costly.

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