Keeping business close: why using a local web designer could benefit you

There’s plenty of factors to take into consideration when choosing a digital marketing company to work on your website. Ideally, any client should keep an eye out for someone that excels in what they do, bringing you a top-of-the-range service paired with consistent communication. If you’re able to find a business that can do both, then you’ve basically hit the jackpot.

It works both ways too. If a web designer is able to connect with an enthusiastic and consistently available brand, then it’s a win-win situation. Whilst needs are guaranteed to differ from company to company, there are some benefits to local sourcing that can’t be matched. At Beanie Media, we enjoy the challenge of working with clients on a national scale, whilst understanding that some businesses prefer the practice of  close, reliable contact. Here’s some reasons why choosing to go local could benefit you:

Familiarity with the area: Starting with the obvious, a big bonus to a local web designer could be that they know their area well, and with that, they know the market too. If you’re a business that sells locally, then you automatically have a common ground advantage, allowing for relevant information to be transferred to be passed between both parties. Together, you can contribute first-hand knowledge to predict target audiences and marketing techniques.

Access to physical communication: Whilst we’ve all pretty much been forced to become comfortable with video calls over the past year and a half, there’s an undeniable benefit to face-to-face communication. Whilst you can usually rely on a web developer to have top notch tech on hand, you can never put too much faith in internet connection. There’s nothing worse than an important meeting being disrupted by bad signal. It can also be easier in a practical sense- you can bring along all the necessary documents to in-person meetings, and take time to reach mutual understandings.

Recommendations from word of mouth: Chances are, if you’re choosing a local web designer, they will have completed work for clients in the area elsewhere. As a customer, this gives you the upper-hand. There’s no need to scavenge for reviews online when you can simply source people out in person to ask them about their experience. Most digital marketers, including ourselves, appreciate that customers want a trustworthy, value-for-money experience, so we understand that gaining advice locally is a completely valid thing to do.

They make it personal: To truly represent a brand, you’ve got to be able to represent the people behind it. Being able to meet your web designer physically will give them a great sense of your personality, which they can then incorporate into your online presence. Your business deserves to have a voice, and you don’t want it to be misrepresented. By simply speaking to someone in-person, they can get a great sense of your character, so any sense of dull or drab tones can be diminished.

Greater control over your project: Leaving your brand in someone else’s hands can be nerve wracking. If you’re feeling a little apprehensive when it comes to risk taking, choosing a designer on your doorstep gives you that safety blanket when it comes to elements of control. It saves you the anxiety surrounding timezones, and allows you to work together on segments that you may be uncertain about. Web designers will more than likely want to get the project just as perfect as you do, so they won’t hesitate to make that extra effort to gain access to you locally if the possibility is there.

It’s safe to say that a good majority of the British population take pride in their home town/city. No matter if your business is located in an urban jungle or the back of beyond, there’s got to be something that you see in it that someone else doesn’t. The beauty of choosing to go local is that you can share this mutual appreciation together, giving a whole new business spin on the phrase ‘home is where the heart is’.

Whatever decision you come to, it’s important to note that there are always pro’s and con’s to each side of the argument. Don’t rush into any agreements without doing plenty of research first, and simply do what you feels right for you. 

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