Lockdown 2.0 – How Businesses That Didn’t React During The First Lockdown Got Left Behind.

Lockdown Version 2! 2020 was the year the world was flipped on its head, everything changed drastically – From mandatory face coverings to restrictions on how many times you can leave the house, the world went into chaos.

Non-Essential businesses were forced to close on March 23rdonly to be reopened later on the 15th June, a whole 84 days, a massive financial loss.

The only logical solution to the problem of not being allowed to open, is to focus all your efforts into your online presence, and the statistics show how beneficial doing this was. 

On the 22nd April, it was reported that Online Shopping rates were growing 129% week on week, a surge in a sense. 

Online Shopping is a growing market; however, the virus has only accelerated this massively. With everybody at home, a lot more focus was put into adverts, and subsequently advertising budgets went up – Facebook, the largest advertising platform, had its stock price double over the course of the first lockdown. Google (Alphabet Inc), who have Google Ads, had its stock value increase from $1054 to $1755 over the course of the pandemic. 

A great example of the shift to online is Amazon’s figures, their stock price at the start of Lockdown was $1903, and at this very moment in time, as the second lockdown has started, it is $3270+. 

Businesses that didn’t focus on their online marketing, or were unable to trade, were left in the dust. A plethora of UK businesses were sent into administration, the biggest being along the likes of Harvey’s Furniture, Go Outdoors, Debenhams and Cath Kidston. 

As a second lockdown has been brought into place, it’s the smaller businesses second chance to flourish, This lockdown is only supposed to be a month long, however that’s a month (if not more) of sales lost! Now is the time to make the switch to completely online, as we don’t know when businesses will be reopening – Social media advertising is a great way to reach more customers during these trying times, you could do up your website giving it a more modern look, or you could just focus on the whole online presence of the brand. 

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