My journey to become a front end web developer: a year on

The road to becoming a front end web developer hasn’t been easy. It’s entailed more than I could’ve ever expected- from the set-backs of a global pandemic to an extremely competitive career search. But despite difficulties, it’s without a doubt been an extremely rewarding experience and I’m over the moon with the obvious level of progress achieved in the space of a year. 

Just a couple of weeks back, I was sent a wonderful message of congratulations from our managing director Melissa as she announced my promotion to web developer. It’s a milestone I’m extremely grateful for, and I know that my unique learning process in the role got me where I am today.

After the high of University, I was met with the same unfortunate fate as many other students. I had my mind focused on the digital marketing industry, but the competitive nature of the job hunt was a slap in the face from reality. Eventually, the customer service route seemed like the more favourable option, until I came across the role of ‘junior web developer’ for Beanie Media.

It was a completely ideal position, and thanks to a successful interview and a skillset that ticked all the boxes, I was able to land the job. 

I was aware from the get-go that it would be a challenge; but one I was determined to take on. Despite it being my first job, the team were thankfully incredibly helpful and welcoming, and I felt that it took only a small amount of time to settle into the position. The diverse range of clients that we took under our belt amazed me and I quickly found a great sense of achievement in designing sites that suited briefs to perfection. 

” Funding Friends, WeAreLowCarb and Brighouse Stove Centre still stand out as some of my favourite websites that I’ve created and maintained, and I’m very thankful  that the companies we’ve collaborated with have remained consistently efficient and easy to communicate with. “

funding friends website design visual

Now, on a daily basis, we’re able to meet clients’ needs by creating sites that stand out in a variety of industries; changing content to meet relevant material and liaising with sources to ensure consistent satisfaction. Melissa’s understanding and patient mindset makes work that much easier, and together, we make an excellent team.

With a focus on strategy, uniqueness and conversion, we’re often able to master our procedure and create work that we can confidently take pride in.

A year on from my first working day at Beanie Media, it’s great to acknowledge that I’ve grown not only in career-terms, but as an individual too. Thanks to a genuinely positive atmosphere and an incredibly enthusiastic work team, I’m determined to stay and watch our team grow to become even more successful for as long as possible. I’ve come so far already, and I know that with the same encouragement behind me, there’s no stopping me… so watch this space!