The Truth About Your Bespoke Website


So, it’s 2019 and you’ve decided to start your own business. Because you don’t live under a rock, you know you’re going to need a website.

Steve, a friend of a friend, happens to be a web developer. So you get in touch and he quotes you close enough to £1,000 for a website.

You don’t know much about websites and you’ve been told Steve is an expert, so you accept his quote and look forward to seeing your site finished.

A few weeks later…..

Expert Steve sends you the link to your new site, and this is what you get;

A website which looks exactly like all the other websites on his portfolio, probably made using that same theme everyone else in your town does.

Why does it look like all the other websites he’s made?

Because it is. Steve didn’t build you a website, he entered your content into WordPress.

But that’s ok, who cares how a website is built anyway. At least it looks visually appealing, right?

Oh, wait, wrong.

Your website is the equivalent a poorly-constructed home, It’s bulky and obstructive where it shouldn’t be, has big space gaps and is just generally unresponsive.

You’re not a marketing genius, but you know that this site doesn’t reflect your brand in the slightest. And in all honesty – this cheap looking site is only going to hurt your credibility. To make it worse, Steve even went as far as to tell you it’s a bespoke website.

So, what do you do? The only thing you can do. You appoint a local marketing agency who charge you a fortune to re-build the site. Your £5,000 down and considering selling a kidney, but at least your site looks professional and has all the necessary functions.

This is one of those sorry stories I’ve seen one too many times, and it’s one of the reasons I set up Beanie Media:

To provide local brands and businesses with honest, no-nonsense websites, which serve a purpose and will bring value to a company, without costing them a fortune.

Now, I’m not saying template websites are wrong. In fact, they serve an important purpose, but I will go into that another time.

What I am saying is don’t be fooled by a web designer who offers you a ‘bespoke website’, when he couldn’t even tell you himself what’s bespoke about it.

The problem is that most web developers don’t actually have the skills and ability to develop from bespoke visuals. Anyone can learn to make a website from a template, but not many can meet the individual needs of businesses.

If you’re having a bespoke website made, make sure you ask the developer these three questions, which should determine if you will receive what you have been promised:

  • Ask the developer if they can use your brand assets throughout the site and send through any brand guidelines you have.
  • Make the developer aware of any features you will need. (such as a calorie tracker if you are a personal trainer)
  • Ask to see a visual before the website goes into development – if you don’t see a visual, expect a template.

If you’ve been unfortunate to receive a similar experience to the above, get in touch! We’re able to help small businesses bring their online presence back up to date – getting it right the first time around.

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