Web Design For Local Tradesmen – Great ways to increase your customers.

Web Design for Local Tradesmen

To be a tradesman you need clients, right? In a competitive market, you need an edge to maintain gaining new clients, and the best way to do this is have a website!

The potential for obtaining new clients is very high when you have a website, if it’s plastered on the side of your van, people may see it and remember the URL for when they need the services you offer. It also gives you an online presence, which in an ever-evolving market is far from a bad thing, it makes you and your brand more recognisable.

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4 top tips for high converting websites:


Web design SEO example


SEO is Search Engine Optimisation, and this is the process of ensuring that your website comes up in searches, for example if someone were to type ‘Kitchen installations near me’, you’d want your site to come up first wouldn’t you? Simple answer, yes. This can be achieved with google MyBusiness, where business owners can promote their products and services to their local area in order to engage with potential and current clients.


Having a gallery on your website where you showcase your services is an essential, it allows your customers an insight into the quality of your work before they buy. People are way more likely to invest when they know what they’re going to get.


Having a reviews section on your website gives you the chance to engage more with your customers, as they will give you their honest feedback, and you can use this to further better your services. It also allows potential new customers another way to see the quality of your work, as reviews from real people can be the tipping point of not making a sale and making a sale.


Online bookings are the way forward, you can have a database with all your customers’ information automatically entered into by a simple form, and they’re all kept in one place. They’re also sometimes easier than a simple phone call, as customers can select what they want and when they want it (to an extent), without much effort. On the customer form, you can offer them the option of receiving emails, and this creates you a mailing list, another great way of customer engagement as you can showcase deals & offers and news about the business etc.

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