Web Design Trends for 2021

Web Design Trends for 2021

Year upon year the different trends within the world of web design fluctuate at a rapid rate. One minute sliding banners are all the hype, the next Minimalism is the preferred user experience. In this blog we talk about Beanie Media’s predictions for 2021, and a little insight into what these styles are!

Dark mode

Dark mode took hold in 2020, and it’s becoming ever so popular even still! Instagram and Facebook now offer the style on their apps, and Facebook on their website. Dark mode gives sites a modern feel, and also allows elements that wouldn’t usually stand out to pop! 

If using different coloured fonts, a black background has amazing visibility for most colours, however darker colours, like grey, do not sit right. 

Dark mode comparison for Web Design

Not only does dark mode give a modern look, it also has its health benefits! The darker colours put less strain on the eyes, especially when you’re in a dark environment. 

Dark mode even saves your battery life compared to light mode – at full brightness, you would save approximately 60% of energy spent powering the screen.  

Retro fonts

Retro fonts have made a comeback recently as the use of typography has increased tenfold. Rather than just using these fonts how they were originally used, a more contemporary approach is in use – you could almost call it retro-futurism. This style plays on a combination of nostalgia, and almost a hint of minimalism to create a sense of sophistication. 

Parallax Effect 

Animation is an ever-growing trend within web design, and year upon year they get increasingly more complex – one style that is being used to an increasing extent is Parallax. 

The Parallax effect is present everywhere if you look for it, it’s essentially when the background traverses slower than the foreground – an example would be driving in a car through the countryside, you would notice the stone walls flying past, whereas the landscape moves so much slower. 

This effect is used to create depth within a web page, and gives a hint of interactivity, alongside being aesthetically pleasing. 


Illustrations have become very popular within the world of web design in the past year, they give websites a more authentic and real feeling. These little graphics are a hit with consumers, and many brands/businesses have adopted this style, even those who dominate in their specific fields 

Here is a project we have worked on, using illustrations to emphasise the website’s purpose. 

It’s no surprise these illustrated graphics are taking hold, as they are fun, quirky and add a personal touch. 


Minimalism within web design is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also tremendously efficient. This style shows the user what they need to see, making it a better experience for them as they’re not scrolling for lengthy periods of time just to find the content they came for 

Minimalism and the aforementioned retro fonts paired together create a sophisticated and sleek user experience. 

Above: A web design project, created by Beanie Media. Click HERE to view!

To conclude, here at Beanie Media predict these five web design trends to flourish in 2021! 

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