Why we love being a part of the Mid Yorkshire Chamber of Commerce


Times are indeed unprecedented, but it doesn’t mean that everything is doom and gloom. As a web design and digital marketing agency based in Huddersfield, we’re lucky to be surrounded by a vibrant, bustling community.

Since we set up in business, one partnership that has helped us raise our profile is our membership with the Mid Yorkshrie Chamber of Commerce. There are many benefits to being a member of the chamber, but here’s why we love being a member, and how our membership has helped us to grow our business within the first 18 months of trading.

Melissa and Emma at The Media Centre Huddersfield

1. The community, all in one room.

We regularly attend networking events hosted by the Mid Yorkshire Chamber, allowing us to connect with other members and local businesses.

The Chamber hosts regular events on a monthly basis and each event has both regular attendees and and new faces every month. Some of our favourites are:

#MYNetworkHUD – Every third Wednesday of the month at Cafe Ollo, Huddersfield. (Zoom during covid19)

#MYNetworkWakey – Every second Friday on the month at The Hop (We particularly like this one as we have a lunchtime drink ?) 

2. We’re Involved.

Since becoming members, the Chamber has always been supportive of us.

We’ve supported the Mid Yorkshire Chamber of Commerce with video marketing for different events such as KBC 2019 and 2020, Women in Business and The International Trade Conference.

We love being involved with these events as it’s great business for us, and we get to work closely with local businesses to promote their offerings through video marketing (something we’re incredibly passionate about!)

The events manager and co-ordinators at the Chamber of Commerce are fun and enthusiastic to work with, which makes each project we embark on enjoyable from start to finish.

Melissa and Dan at Huddersfield Football stadium for KBC 2019
Melissa and Dan at Huddersfield Giants - web design agency invite

3. It’s social!

We’ve enjoyed social outings with members of the Chamber, such as being invited to watch the Huddersfield Giants rugby games on a Friday evening.

Dan is a massive sports fan, and always enjoys the games, while we’re certain Melissa just cheers when everyone else does to make it seem like she understands the game.

We’ve made lots of new connections through social invitations from the Chamber, and it’s always enjoyable to catch up with people outside of the usual work environment.

4. They help us share our stories

The Chamber gives us a platform to distribute our positive news to the Kirklees business community. This has helped us to raise our profile over the past 18 months and have a stronger collective voice within the business community. As well as covering news on the website, articles are pushed out via The Mid Yorkshire Chamber of Commerce social media channels, which have given us that extra exposure.

Beanie Media Web Design Huddersfield Secure New Contract Linked In Post
Overall, our membership with the chamber has given us a voice within our community, allowed us to connect with other members which in turn has opened many doors for us.
We look forward to being a member of the chamber of many years to come. If you are in business and would like to find out more about the benefits of being a member of the chamber, you can find out more here. (we’d recommend you taking a look!)