websites – are they worth it?


Thinking of setting up a website for your small business? You may have come across, the company associated with the famous book of yellow pages. Up until recent many small, medium and large businesses turned to Yell in order to help market their business to potential customers. But with the demand for print advertising decreasing, Yell has had to find ways of surviving in the digital era.

Which brings us to the point of this weeks blog. Is Yell’s web design service great?

Should you purchase a Yell website? Is it right for your business? And is it actually more cost-effective than going to a professional designer?

Not got time to keep reading? The short answer is don’t do it!

Heres why you should stay away from websites.

Poor quality design.

Generally speaking, Yell don’t have the best record when it comes to providing high-quality web design projects to clients. Yell websites aren’t made in WordPress, they’re made using a website builder called Duda, which is similar to Wix and Weebly. In fact, it’s just a more expensive version of the two.

You’ll often find that many of Yell’s websites are still using very outdated designs, which are very rarely optimised for mobile devices – or search engines for that matter. Duda is a page builder in which you import a template and edit the text and images, so you’re very limited in what your layout can look like. Functionality is very restricted too, so if you’re wanting a booking system or a  registration page, look elsewhere!

The strange thing is, Duda promotes itself as a mobile-first CMS, yet every Yell website we’ve come across has not been optimised correctly. We can only assume that this is because Yell work to strict timescales on each website, so end up compromising the mobile capabilities.

You don’t own it, you’ll never own it.

When you have a website built by a professional designer or an agency, you own the website once you have paid for the site and domain name. This means that you can move hosting providers with no issues should you wish to do so, you can give other people access to your site to make changes, or do whatever you like with it. 

When your website is made by Yell, you can’t transfer your site to another hosting provider, you’ll always have to pay Yell as long as you want the website to be live. 

!n a nutshell, this means that if you stop paying the monthly fee Yell charge you for your website, they will remove it. So essentially, you’re paying a monthly cost for something you’ll never own and never have full rights to, which is wasting your businesses cash!

Very little support.

The main reason we’ve written this blog is that we’ve had a number of clients come to us with complaints about their Yell website. 

Yell generally do everything via email with long delays to make updates and changes to your site. Some companies have reported having to wait for months just for an image change.

When working with a large organisation such as Yell, the only human interaction you’ll have is on the phone with someone in a call centre. If you’d like a more personal service, you’re better off working with a local agency or freelancer, who you are able to turn to for support on a regular basis if need be.

It will cost your business fortune!

On average, having a basic website with Yell will cost you between £50 – £100 per month. And as soon as you stop paying your monthly fee, your website will disappear!

Thats around £700 spent every year on your website, which isn’t of a professional quality. By searching closer to home, you’re likley to find a web designer who is able to create you a professional site for an affordable one off cost.

Our small business web design service starts from a one off cost of £750! If you’re stuck with an expensive, unprofessional website – we’re able to help!

If you’d like to discuss the best way to showcase your business online, you can contact us by emailing