Huddersfield based paint sprayers РNational Resprays 

National Resprays is a well-established and widely recommended on-site spraying company for commercial, industrial and domestic projects.

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Web Design Huddersfield for spraying
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The Challenge

We were originally tasked to plan, implement and manage PPC campaigns for National Resprays, to get them enquiries for new jobs. But once we’d shown Managing Director, Matt, the value of PPC, he was eager to update his online presence, so that we could start competing with larger companies.

National Resprays had just expanded its team and invested in new spraying equipment, therefore wanted a website that would reflect their business and present them as a market leader.

The current website had no fixed colour scheme or theme, and all images were from stock sites, so it didn’t reflect National Resprays as a business or show any kind of personality.

Because the current website was built using the Weebly CMS, it was difficult for National Resprays to update images, on the websites themselves, or make any little tweaks and changes.

The Solution

We began designing the new website with National Resprays key services and accomplishments in mind.


Web Design that converts, needs to show the user information that helps them, build trust with the user and make it easy for the user to contact the company.


This is why we presented a contact button, the key services and National Resprays online reviews at the very top of the website.


We found the best places to incorporate CTA’s on mobile to ensure that the website was easy to use for mobile users.


We also restructured the menu so that services were broken down into three main areas – Residential Spraying, Commercial Spraying and Industrial Spraying.


Throughout the whole re-design and development, we kept SEO considerations at the forefront of what we were doing, to ensure that National Resprays could build on their current SEO efforts.

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