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pREP Huddersfield is a leading meal prep restaurant and takeaway based in the centre of town. They aim to enable busy people to live a healthy lifestyle by preparing their meals for them, so they don’t have to.

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What we did

Owners Scott and Lasheun are just as passionate about helping the environment as they are assisting individuals in keeping fit. Our task was to introduce systems which not only took the entire business paperless but also micromanaged all time-consuming tasks within the company.

We automated the orders to calculate precisely what shopping is needed for meal prep the week ahead based on orders between specific cut off periods. This has saved hours of labour and ROI was almost instant.

In addition to this, pREP’s former website was built in a theme which limited functionality. Working from the existing design, we re-developed their site using our multifunctional platform which allows us to keep adding functionality as the company grows.

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