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Partner with an SEO agency that keeps things simple. Get found for the keywords your customers use, increase sales and grow your business.

SEO Services That Generate Results

What good is ranking for keywords that generate no traffic?

What good is more web traffic if it doesn’t increase sales?

All good SEO strategies come down to keyword targeting. Businesses that get this wrong always end up wasting their marketing budget.

We help businesses rank for profitable keywords that generate more business. We don’t go for simple keywords that look good on paper. Our goal is to get you a significant return on investment, and we have a track record of doing it.

Data, research and insight power our SEO service. Through experimentation and experience, we know what works and what doesn’t. We know how to satisfy Google to get your website to the very top of search results.

Tap Into a Business Goldmine

Google (and other search engines) offer an unlimited supply of business to those who rank on the first page. Getting there is where we come in.

The biggest mistake businesses make with SEO is assuming they know what search terms their customers are using. The second biggest mistake is targeting keywords that are impossible to rank due to the competition’s strength.

Whether you have made these mistakes or not, we have good news, most of your competitors will have fallen for the same mistakes. It means you have an incredible opportunity to jump in and dominate your market.  

Outcompeting other websites for keywords that generate sales is the ultimate goal, and there are several paths we can take to achieve this.

Our role as your Huddersfield SEO company is to ensure that your website and your external signals give Google and Bing the signs they need to rank you higher.

Reasons to Choose Beanie Media

Our Huddersfield SEO agency has what it takes to deliver incredible results, time after time.

Here are six reasons to choose us:

#1 Proven Results

We have a track record of getting results. Our clients would recommend us. Many of our customers have been with us for a considerable time. When you work with Beanie Media, you always get the A-team. Service is our top priority.

#2 DataDriven

Our SEO strategies are always data-driven. We conduct competitor analysis, website analysis and keyword research to create winning strategies. Everything we do has a purpose.

#3 Website Analytics

We will set up Google Analytics to monitor your traffic and understand how people use your website. We’ll also set up Google Search Console so you can monitor your performance in Google, including keyword impressions and clickthrough rates.

#4 PageSpeed Insights

As part of our SEO service, we will get your website to satisfy Google’s PageSpeed Insights tool. Page speed is now a Google ranking factor, and PageSpeed Insights is the speed test tool used to fulfil Google’s performance criteria.

#5 White Hat SEO

We only use SEO techniques that Google recommends and practices that will not negatively impact your Google search performance. Everything we do is Google friendly because it’s the only safe way to do things.

#6 Regular Reports

We will send you regular reports detailing keyword and ranking progress. We will track all targeted keywords and keep tabs on new entries.

#7 Regular Communication

We keep you in the know, so you don’t need to chase us. And if you have any questions or fancy a chat, we’re here to help. You can email us or call us. Alternatively, we can set up a meeting on Microsoft Teams or Zoom. Whatever works for you.

What We Do

Our SEO agency helps businesses get to the first page of Google for keywords that increase sales and deliver a return on investment.

National SEO

Rank for the keyword phrases everyone uses. From “best-used cars to buy” to “how to find a good builder”, we can get your website onto the first page of Google for keywords that generate significant search volumes.

Regional SEO

Rank for keywords that expose you to a regional area. From “best electrician in Huddersfield” to “car welding West Yorkshire”, we can help you dominate the regions where you provide your services/products.

Local SEO

Rank for the keywords your customers use to find a local service. From “electrician near me” to “Huddersfield lawyer”, we can get you on to Google Maps and create web pages that rank on the first page of Google for multiple locations.

Technical SEO

All websites require some form of technical SEO, from sitemap generation to coding and resource minification. Our SEO company has the expertise to perform all necessary work without causing any website downtime, bugs or usability issues.

What Does Google Want?

Google is interested in quality. They are determined to favour websites that provide the best answers to keyword phrases.

Over time, this has led to Google becoming fixated on the user experience. User experience is the most significant factor that drives the Google search algorithm today.

Websites that deliver an incredible user experience consistently rank on the first page of Google. There are six key areas that Google looks at for user experience: Page speed, website security, content, topical relevance, navigation and internal link structure.

Google only ranks websites with clear topical relevance. Topical relevance is where onsite optimisation comes in. We can tell Google what a page is about with a page title, meta description, headings, high-quality content and Schema markup.

Lastly, external signals like backlinks and citations are just as important now as they were a decade ago. These external signals are like references. When they come from high-quality, reputable sources, they increase your website’s authority.


We provide free advice, and we welcome the opportunity to help you. Get in touch today to chat with one of our Huddersfield SEO experts.